Friday, September 14, 2007

Bacci Pizzeria at Addison / Wrigley Field

Bacci Pizzeria at Addison / Wrigley Field

When you first get off the Addison L stop on the Red line,
the first restaurant you'll see to the west is Bacci's pizza.

After the game, my group was looking for a speedy place to eat that wasn't a bar.

Since it was raining and we needed to take the train home. This was the place we chose.

Their location is brilliant. (Their rest room isn't....just a warning there...)

Anyway, for under $5 with tax, you'll get a giant slice of pizza that is probably the size of two generous slices of someone else's pizza slice and a cup of soda.
I'm a water drinker, so the free soda thing wasn't a big deal, but I was thankful for the food and water...and not having to walk further in the rain. :)

Here are photos of some of the slices we purchased...

Bacci Pizzeria
Wrigleyville - Chicago, IL
Sheffield and Addison
950 W. Addison
phone 773-305-4100

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