Wednesday, November 02, 2005

White Sox, Illinois General Assembly, Senate ceremonies

More photos of Jerry, Ozzie and more White Sox fans

Bill Status of HR0703 94th General Assembly
Short Description: WHITE SOX-2005 WS CHAMPS

Synopsis As Introduced
Congratulates the Chicago White Sox organization and Manager Ozzie Guillen on their 2005 World Series victory.

Be sure to read the full text. If the link doesn't work, try a search on White Sox on that page.

Bill Status of HR0709 94th General Assembly Short Description: CONGRATS JERRY REINSDORF

Synopsis As Introduced
Congratulates Jerry Reinsdorf for his astuteness in assembling one of the most winning teams in Chicago White Sox history and for bringing the first World Series Championship to Chicago since 1917.

My thanks to the Chicago Baseball Museum for linking to this blog.

Congratulations to Ozzie Guillen on becoming a United States citizen!
Read the story regarding this achievement here.

Keep visiting this website. I hope to share my photos from when the All Star Game was hosted at Comiskey Park back in the '80s.


Anonymous said...

Your pics from today at the Capitol are terrific. Thanks for posting them so quickly. I had the baseball that Ozzie signed down at the exit--do you have any other pics? or pics of him signing the baseball?
It was good to meet you. When I have more time, I will have to return to your website and browse.
Allen Oehlert

Anonymous said...

Was reading your comments re: Family Guy on the Trib site. You mentioned Princess Bride as an example of good storytelling. Well I just had to weigh-in on that. I've given that movie several chances, and unfortunately, I don't like that movie. It's not enderaring, I don't find the story particularly inventive and I find it's 'creativity' fascile. The movie never creates a world of it's own as it very lightly tries to skewer the conventions of fairy tales. So, for me, Princess Bride isn't a good example to use in arguments for good storytelling, good moviemaking, or good amusement. Thanks.