Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chicago Cubs player portraits 1970's 1980's

Chicago Cubs player portraits from the 1970's and 1980's

Trivia challenge of the day:

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Happy Birthday Ryne Sandberg!

Happy Birthday Ryne Sandberg!

Also, Happy Birthday Jody Gerut
Click here for a list of more baseball birthday boys from September 18th.

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PS: You're welcome to use the "Post New Comment" feature below and write a birthday greeting to Ryne. I can't promise he'll see it, but you never know...

Cubs Memorabilia Photos

Cubs Memorabilia

C'mon, did you have ANY doubt that Charlie Brown is a Cubs fan?

Since I have two dogs, I've been shopping for dogs leashes and collars with the Cubs logo on them.
Not only did I find Cubs leashes and collars, but I even found a Cubs hat for the doggies!

Do you have any interesting Cubs Memorabilia items?
Send me a photo of it and it might land on this page.

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