Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fan portraits, interesting t-shirts

Fan portraits, t-shirts and a slice of my birthday pizza!

This fellow shows up in the book Wrigley Field A Celebration of the Friendly Confines. Is that a Montreal Expos cap?

Not Cubs related, I just thought it was a cute shirt.

More people pictures, foul ball, etc.

$3 for a bottle of water.
Who knew something could offer more profit then selling bagged ice?

Foul Ball
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Another mascot?

Reading Foxtrot during the game.

Guess who!

Scorecard for the 14-3 game

Cubs 14 Marlins 3

This was quite a game, so I asked a gentleman nearby if I could photograph his scorecard. Below is a closer view of the Cubs half.
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Here is the box score for this game.

Hint: Click on "Game day" for a neat feature. game report for this game.

Signs of a win

Signs of a win

Please understand, the players' reception after a victory is my favorite part of the game.
I love seeing the happy expressions on their faces after a win.
WGN, ESPN, Comcast, Fox - please remember to include this in your game coverage.
This is not the time for a tv commercial.
Thanks for listening.

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Bible Baseball

By Standard Publishing

Now with more than 600 questions! Step up to the plate and test your Bible knowledge. Heeeere's the pitch! Answer correctly and get a single, double, or triple---even a home run! Includes a large colorful game board, playing pieces, and simple rules. A big hit with the whole family! Ages 6 and up.

Derrek Lee stolen base, home run

Stolen base

Derrek Lee home run!
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Guests at the event

Who's on third?

Who's on Third?
Part one.

Who's on third?
Part two.

Guests at the event